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A Buyer’s Guide For LED Conversion Kits

January 24, 2024
LED Conversion Kits

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But a person who is not very familiar with the car stuff might get confused with the installation process, though it’s just simple plug-and-play. If you are also one of those who love driving but don’t know much about their car, you need a guide for LED conversion kits to help replace your car’s headlights.

In this article, we will explain what LED conversion kits are, their types, advantages, and factors to consider when buying a new LED conversion kit. Read this article thoroughly so you don’t miss out on any crucial step.

What are LED Conversion Kits?

Most people confuse LED bulbs with LED conversion kits. LED bulbs are just the bulbs with the two diodes that emit light when plugged in. On the other hand, the LED conversion kit is the whole set of accessories you might need when replacing your car’s old halogen lights with LED lights.

LED conversion kits often include a set of bulbs, wires, ballasts, fans, heat diffusers, wiring adapters, tools, current regulators, and much more. However, this depends on the manufacturer of the conversion kit. Some manufacturers like Carlightvision offer comprehensive LED conversion kits that include a user manual and other accessories compatible with your car.

 LED Conversion Kits

Selecting the right brand is also crucial, as some brands manufacture non-metallic items that may fail. So, before making a purchase, you must be familiar with what type of LED conversion kit you are looking for and your priority brand.

Advantages Of LED Conversion Kits

The most prominent advantage of using an LED conversion kit is that you get everything you need within a single packet. However, it is specifically for those who are transitioning from halogen bulbs to LED headlights. If you already have LED headlights installed in your car, you just need the right LED bulb to replace the old one.

The second advantage is that every accessory is of the same brand, which ensures comparability of items. For example, if the LED headlight bulb is of one brand and the current regulator is from another company, chances are they might not be compatible, which may give an unpleasant output. Buying an LED headlight conversion kit allows you to replace everything, from fan to wiring, according to the latest trends.

The third advantage is that you may save a few bucks by buying the whole kit instead of purchasing all the items individually. An LED conversion kit is like a package that gives you everything you need at a cost lower than the total price of all the items combined.

Why Consider Transitioning From Halogen To LED?

So far, we have learned what is an LED conversion kit and some of the advantages of buying LED headlight conversion kits. But the question that you might be struggling with is, what is the reason for doing all this stuff? Why do I need to change my finely working halogen bulbs with LED headlights? Well, here is a comparison table of Halogen bulbs vs LED bulbs that might clear all of your ambiguities.

Features LED headlights Halogen Headlights
Lifespan 20000-50000 hours (60 years of driving) 20 times shorter than LED headlights (on average)
Upfront cost Expensive Cheap
Heat production Produces less heat Generates massive amounts of heat
Brightness 6000-8000 Lumens Not too bright
Energy efficient 80% more efficient Use a lot of energy
Repairing cost Might require a mechanic Very easy and cheap
Durability Highly durable (specific brands) Compromises on durability

This comparison table of the two headlights clearly shows why you should transition from Halogen to LED headlights. LED lights are far more reliable due to their long lifespan and better performance. Moreover, they are also a better choice if you are looking for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient option that offers a brighter light.

Choosing The Right LED Conversion Kit

But the main problem, is “How to choose the right LED headlight conversion kit?” “Choosing whether to buy an LED conversion kit or an LED bulb” is still unresolved. There are a few factors that you must consider when purchasing an LED headlight conversion kit to make sure that it is the right option for you. Let’s analyze these crucial things you must consider while purchasing a new LED conversion kit.

LED Conversion Kit

1. Wiring

LED headlights come in two major types: single beam and dual beam, both with different wiring structures. The single-beam headlight has a single bulb that is programmed for both low and high beams, while the dual-beam headlight consists of two separate bulbs for low and high beams simultaneously.

Considering your car’s wiring structure is crucial before buying an LED conversion kit. It is because the two types of LED lights are not interchangeable, i.e. you can’t install a single beam LED headlight on the wiring structure of the dual beam headlight and likewise. So, it is better to check your car’s wiring before purchasing an LED conversion kit.

2. Power Output

How much output are you looking for? LED headlights come in a variety of output options ranging from 6000 to 10000 lumens. You must consider the laws and regulations of your state, as LED lights with too much power output are illegal in some countries.

LED headlights

Normally, LED lights with 6000 Lumens power can lighten 500 meters of area. Similarly, 8000 Lumens LED headlights can brighten up to 650 meters. 10000 Lumen headlights are also available in the market but are banned in some areas. Comparing these with an ordinary 100-watt bulb, which is 1600 Lumens, LED lights can offer 8000 lumens for the same size.

3. Materials

The materials of your LED conversion kit determine its life span and performance. You may find manufacturers producing LED conversion kits with non-metallic materials. LED conversion kits with such materials are a ticking time bomb that may explode anytime for any reason.

Always look for premium-quality LED conversion kits made of metallic materials such as aluminum or stainless steel alloys. From fans to heat sinks, each component must be of excellent quality.

4. Cooling Fans

LED headlight bulbs are designed to lower the beam automatically when they become overheated. So, how do you maintain a steady beam? You need a procedure to remove the heat continuously. Here, the cooling fan comes to your aid.

Some think cooling fans are noisy devices that often mess with the car’s internal systems. Well, that’s true unless you get a premium-quality LED conversion kit that comes with a high-quality cooling fan.

5. Heat Sinks

Though LED headlight bulbs do not generate much heat, they are sensitive to the small amounts of heat produced by them. For this purpose, most reputable brands, such as Carlightvision, make LED headlights with advanced heat sinks. However, if your car’s headlights do not have a great sink, you must consider looking for a heat diffuser that acts like a heat sink.

Heat diffusers can do a great job of maintaining the temperature of the headlights. However, they also have a drawback. Some of these heat diffusers are large and take up a lot of space, which might not fit in every car. So, ensure the heat diffuser you buy is compatible with your car.

6. Price

Price is another major factor to consider when buying LED conversion kits for your business. The better product quality you provide, the more trust you build, which can boost your sales by several times.

LED headlights

However, a very common misconception is that an expensive product will be of great quality. In reality, there are manufacturers out there offering premium products at the most reasonable prices. Though you may find differences in the price of products from the same brand, it is due to the availability or lack of certain features. You just need to go and look out for the one that suits your requirements.

7. Error Canceller

This is very rare, but you must know about every small detail before going on a conversion adventure. Nowadays, cars have sophisticated computers that detect any problem in the car and alarm you with a signal light on the dashboard. If you install LED lights in such a car, there are chances that the computer might not detect the lights and may consider it a problem. Error decoders or Error Cancellers suppress the irritating signal lights on your dashboard for the headlights.

Step-by-step Installation Guide

Once you have bought the right LED conversion kit, installing LED headlights is time. The guidelines for changing or installing an LED conversion kit are very simple, and most manufacturers offer a manual book with the conversion kit to make your work easier.

If you have a manual or a guidebook in your LED conversion kit, then follow the guidelines mentioned there. In the other case, here are a few steps to convert your car from halogen headlights to LED headlights.

1. Check the accessories

Make sure that you have everything you need tools, devices, wiring, and also the items from the conversion kit. You should have at least 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, necessary wiring, and other items required in the process.

2. Check your current headlights


It’s not to see if they are working or not. This helps you to align your new LED headlights with your halogen headlights. You may take pictures of the current position of your headlight beam.

3. Locate and Unplug your Halogen bulbs

Make sure the engine is turned off, and the handbrake is applied. You might see a connector on the wiring of your car’s headlights. Remove this connector to disconnect your headlights from your car’s wiring.

4. Replace the bulbs

Removing the halogen bulb isn’t any difficult. Just press the bulb a little to the inside and twist it anticlockwise. Similarly, you may install a new bulb the same way, twisting it clockwise this time.

5. Connect and Secure the Current Regulators

For LED lights, you need current regulators. Simply connect them by joining one end with the blub wire and the other with the car’s wiring system. Most people talk about ballasts which are used for upgrading headlights to xenon bulbs. Make sure you secure all the wirings with tape to make the ends insulated.

6. Align Your Beam Pattern

Before going for a test drive, make sure you align the beam of your headlights so it does not affect other drivers on the road. You may use the pictures you took earlier to make sure the alignment of the beam is perfect. If the alignment is not correct, you may do it on your own through the alignment screws.


Replacing your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs isn’t a big deal. All you need is the right equipment and a perfect guide that explains what to do. You have the perfect guide here, but looking for the right LED conversion kit is what you have to do. You may follow the steps mentioned above to ensure you get the right LED conversion kit for your car. If you think you are not good at it, let the experts at Carlightvision do it for you.

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