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The Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Headlights

January 22, 2024
The Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Headlights

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Being a better option than Halogen bulbs, LED lights come loaded with a bulk of benefits that include increased durability and efficiency. Besides, they are freely customizable and offer an extended lifespan compared to Halogen headlights.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that LED lights are just benefits. There are a few drawbacks that you must consider, before switching your vehicle to LED lights. In this article, we will have a look at the pros and cons of LED headlights and their different types.

What are LED Headlights?

LED lights are an upgraded version of Halogens bulbs (both work on the same principle). LED stands for Light Emitting Diode; in halogen bulbs, it’s mostly a tungsten filament emitting light. The same LED lights, when manufactured in compatibility with cars, become LED headlights.

Understanding the physics behind LEDs might be a bit complex if you are not much into physics. However, making it simple, LEDs contain diodes instead of traditional metal filaments, that conduct current through it to emit photons of light. Remember that the current flows in one direction only.

LED Headlights

6 Common Types of LED Headlights

All LED headlights might seem similar. However, LED headlight manufacturing companies such as Carlightvision offer six different types based on the installation process, adaptability, and various other factors. Let’s have a look at these types, before diving into the benefits and drawbacks of LED headlights.

1. 1:1 Plug and Play

As the name shows, the 1:1 plug-and-play LED headlight does not need any adapter for installation. It’s just a simple plug-and-play game. This is a mini type of LED headlight but has a high adaptability rate for vehicles. Moreover, it can also replace the Halogen lights in your car.

2. D Series LED

Next, we have the D series LED headlights which are well known for their longer working hours. They offer a lifetime service and come with a 50% increased lumination surface. Besides, the installation process is so simple that you don’t even need an electrician for it.

3. 360 LED

If you are looking for an LED headlight that offers zero dark spots, stop scrolling. As the name suggests, 360 LED is well-known for its ability to spread light in every direction. Moreover, it comes with 8 all-around leg chips for increased efficiency and better performance.

4. High Lumen

LED Headlights

High Lumen is one of the premium LED headlights offered by Carlightvision. It comes with 12000-lumen outputs that make it 600% brighter than traditional halogen headlights. Also, the 50000-hour life span is enough to lighten the roads for your children as well.

5. Canbus Lamps

Halogen lights often get heated when used for a longer period. Canbus lamps LED is here to tackle this problem with its efficient cooling system. It comes with a built-in Canbus and offers zero error and flicker. Moreover, sources say that 99 % of the models match the standard.

6. Bi-LED

Bi-LED also comes with an inbuilt heat dissipation system that ensures quick removal of heat. Moreover, it is also perfect for drivers who get blinded by the headlights of oncoming vehicles. Unlike other LEDs, this one has an integrated lens that offers a clearer vision at night.

Advantages of LED Headlights

We know that LED lights come with a bundle of benefits over traditional Halogen bulbs and that’s why they are trending in the market. But what are those benefits? Let’s have a deeper look at what advantages LED headlights offer to their users.

1. Extended lifespan

When we talk about the lifespan of an LED light, it’s almost 20000 hours. However, top-notch LED lights like High Lumen have a life of nearly 50000 hours. 2000 hours lifespan means that it would need you to spend 60 years behind the wheel to burn out the LED lights. Just imagine your grandsons using the LED light from your vehicle in their cars.

LED Headlights

2. Efficiency

LED lights have unparalleled efficiency when it comes to producing less heat. Halogen bulbs tend to generate a lot of heat besides emitting light, which puts additional stress on your car’s battery. LEDs are specifically designed to conserve energy (by 80%) and avoid the production of unnecessary heat.

3. Durability

Have you ever used an LED in your home? Well, if you are a good observer, you might have seen that LEDs are more durable than HIDs or halogen headlights. Though it doesn’t matter a lot in a car headlight, durability is the most crucial factor that everyone looks for.

4. Brightness

If your car has halogen bulbs and you have a night driving experience, you must have experienced the irritating headlights of the incoming vehicles. Well, having a power LED headlight can get you rid of this. The exceptional brightness and visibility of the LEDs allow you to drive fearlessly at night.

5. Affordable in the Long Run

As mentioned above, LEDs are a one-time investment. You buy it, and your next two generations can get the benefit from it unless damaged or destroyed. Moreover, its energy-efficient approach leaves no stress on the battery, extending the battery life as well.

6. Customization Options

Unlike Halogen bulbs, LEDs offer customization options to look more cool. You may change the design of the light and some other functions. Though you need to spend a few extra bucks on the customization thing, it’s worth it.

7. Design

Last but not least, an electrician with great creativity can transform your boring headlight into an artistic piece. A range of interesting LED designs are available in the market to give your car a new look. However, the design feature is available only for LED users.

Disadvantages of LED Headlights

Let’s talk about the other side of the story. LED headlights, like every other thing on this planet, do have their drawbacks. Let’s have a look at the disadvantages of LED headlights.

1. Price

The upfront cost of the LEDs is one of the major reasons why some people opt for them. The reason is they are difficult to manufacture and also contain an additional device for cooling purposes. However, if we look from a broader perspective, it is a one-time investment, allowing you to use it for the rest of your life (if it is of premium quality).

LED Headlights

2. Quality

The quality of the LED also matters a lot. With a huge number of companies manufacturing LED lights, it is getting harder to differentiate between the good and bad ones. Though a good quality LED can last for a lifetime and conserve electricity, a poorly manufactured LED can do the opposite.

Performance Comparison

Comparing the performances of LED headlights vs. Halogen headlights gives us a clear insight into which one’s the better. Here are a few points that may make the comparison easy to understand.

  • LED headlights have a minimum of 20 times longer lifespan than their alternative halogen headlights.
  • LED headlight bulbs are much brighter than Halogen headlights. However, HID lights are ahead of LEDs when it comes to brightness.
  • LED headlights are more expensive than Halogen bulbs. However, in the long run, the previous seems to be more reasonable.
  • LED headlights are known to be more energy efficient than Halogen bulbs or HIDs which directly impact your car’s battery.
  • Talk about durability and LEDs are again in the lead. However, for car headlights, durability is not much of a concern.
  • Halogen bulbs produce a lot of heat while emitting light. LEDs on the other hand do not waste energy by producing any excessive heat.


Though LED headlights are advanced in terms of technology, Halogen light bulbs do have their benefits. Unlike LEDs, Halogen bulbs do not irritate the drivers of the incoming vehicles. Similarly, both have their benefits and drawbacks, but LED seems to have the upper hand.

After reading about the benefits of LED bulbs, you might be planning to switch to LEDs instead of traditional Halogen bulbs. That’s a good decision. But before making a purchase, check the rules of your state for the installation of LEDs in vehicles. Different states have their own rules, which one must abide by to stay safe.

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