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Manufacture & Wholesale Bi LED Headlight in Bulk

We offer a wide range of vehicle lights designs.
Buy them in bulk from us and let us grow business together

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Benefits of Carlightvision Bi LED Headlight

With a perfect cut-off line design, it provides clear visibility in any extreme conditions without
causing blindness to oncoming traffic, improving driving safety
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What Our Customer Has To Say

Carlightvision is widely recognized for its reliable after-sales support, warranty
policy and hassle-free replacement or repair services
"Easy to install and comes with a 5 year warranty. The headlamp is perfect for dark nights. After-sales service is also very good, any problem will contact us and help us solve it in time."


"Carlightvision headlights are the best I have ever used, they are easy to install and operate, and I have used them for a few days without any problems. Supplier after-sales reply is very timely, recommend."


Product Manager
"Carlightvision is the best brand I have ever used, and customer service is very enthusiastic. I bought it before and had a problem, so I quickly replaced it with a new light. I don't need to send it back yet! This saved a lot of money hhhh."


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Common product problems

Below are some common questions regarding Bi LED series lights. If you have more questions or need to get a quote for our headlights, please feel free to contact us

frequently asked questions

  • Can I get a sample before placing the order?

    Yes, you can get samples before placing the order. Assure customers of the product quality and customization accuracy.

  • What's your warranty?

    Unless otherwise noted, all products are warranted for 5 years from the date of purchase.

  • What payment terms are available?

    Typically, we require a 30% deposit with the full balance to be paid upon receipt of the Bill of Lading (B/L).

  • What is your lead time?

    For our standard products, our lead time usually is 7-15 work days. The production time for custom lighting products can vary depending on the complexity of the design and specific requirements.
    It’s highly recommended to discuss shipment details with our team for more accurate estimates.

  • What are your MOQs for wholesale purchases?

    This depends on what type and variety of wholesale you’re buying. It also depends on the size of your bulk order.

    Please contact us for the product you want to buy wholesale, we will tell you the price.

  • Which countries do you deliver to?

    ‘Carlightvision Manufacturer’ caters to lighting businesses around the world. Contact us to know if we can fulfill orders in your country.

  • What is your production capacity for headlight items?

    With our complete set of machinery and skilled workforce, we are proud to achieve a monthly output of over 1,000,000pcs automobile headlights.
    Specific numbers can be discussed based on your requirements and our current production schedule.

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Customized Solutions

- Understand your specific requirements.
- Experienced Carlightvision team for tailored discussions.

Factory Supply

No middlemen.
We are manufacturer for all your headlight needs.

Profit-Friendly Pricing

- Maximize your profits without compromising on quality.
- Our competitive B2B pricing structure delivers high-quality headlight at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Worldwide Delivery

- Reliable delivery through trusted logistics partners.
- Ensure timely delivery, we bring automotive lighting to businesses around the globe.
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