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Below you can learn about our company, products and frequently asked questions about ordering and delivery

frequently asked questions

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  • Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

    We are a professional manufacturer of car lights in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. We specialize in producing all kinds of automotive series headlights.
    We are able to provide you with top quality and perfect craftsmanship.

  • Can you accept OEM/ODM?

    Yes, we accept OEM/ODM.
    Our OEM services ensure that you receive products that seamlessly integrate with your existing models, while our ODM services offer the opportunity to bring unique, innovative designs to life.

  • What is your production capacity for headlight items?

    With our complete set of machinery and skilled workforce, we are proud to achieve a monthly output of over 1,000,000pcs automobile headlights.
    Specific numbers can be discussed based on your requirements and our current production schedule.

  • Do you offer discounts on bulk headlight orders?

    Absolutely. We offer additional discounts on our wholesale products. Contact us to know more about our pricing and discounts.

  • Why "Carlightvision"?

    “Carlightvision” reflects the core values and expertise.
    – “Carlight” directly points to our specialization in automotive lighting, your all-in-one reliable supplier of headlight.
    – “Vision” aims to provide you with clear visibility, also imply foresight and innovation. We are forward-looking and focus on the future of automotive lighting manufacturing.
    By focusing on lighting areas, we can effectively manage the entire lifecycle of headlight, from the initial design to the final delivery, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Do you provide private label or white label services?

    Yes, we do provide private and white label services for businesses looking to sell our products under their own brand. More details can be provided upon request.

  • How can I become an headlight distributor?

    At ‘Headlight Manufacturer’ , in our goal to expand and become a global leader in this segment, we are always looking to work with new distributors. If you want to become our distributor, please contact us.

About Products

  • Can I get a sample before placing the order?

    Yes, you can get samples before placing the order. Assure customers of the product quality and customization accuracy.

  • What certificates do you have for your products?

    Currently we have CE, CNAS, IAF for our products. If you need other certificates for your market, then we also can help.

  • What kind of customization options do you offer for bulk orders?

    We offer various customization options for bulk orders, including choice of materials, colors, sizes, branding and logos.
    For more specific customization inquiries, we recommend getting in touch with our sales team.

  • How can I customize my headlight wholesale?

    We understand different wholesalers, distributors and retailers have their own distinct needs and requirements. Contact us to let us know what variety of custom headlight you want and we will make it happen for you.

  • How can I get your price list?

    Please feel free to contact us online or send us an inquiry,

    then we can send you the price list and more information by email.

  • How to ensure product quality?

    We understand quality is the key factor affects your margin.
    We have an experienced management team and strong sample development skills. From raw materials to packing, each link is inspected by QC staff to implement quality standards to ensure the excellent quality of products.

  • How Can I get a sample from you to confirm the quality?

    – You can send us exact product types, size chart and detail craft. We will arrange sample according your specification.
    – Or You can send us samples pictures or your own Design artwork, we can make the sample based on your specification or your own design.

About Order & Delivery

  • What is your lead time?

    For our standard products, our lead time usually is 7-15 work days. The production time for custom lighting products can vary depending on the complexity of the design and specific requirements.
    It’s highly recommended to discuss shipment details with our team for more accurate estimates.

  • What's your warranty?

    Unless otherwise noted, all products are warranted for 5 years from the date of purchase.

  • What payment terms are available?

    Typically, we require a 30% deposit with the full balance to be paid upon receipt of the Bill of Lading (B/L).

  • What are your MOQs for wholesale purchases?

    This depends on what type and variety of wholesale you’re buying. It also depends on the size of your bulk order.

    Please contact us for the product you want to buy wholesale, we will tell you the price.

  • Can you do rush orders?

    Yes, we offer expedited ordering.

    Just indicate that your production order should be rushed when you are ordering. Our skilled technicians and quality control team are well-equipped to handle urgent orders without compromising the process.

    Even for rush orders, Carlightvision goes through the same rigorous quality inspection and testing procedures to ensure they meet safety and performance standards.

  • Which countries do you deliver to?

    ‘Carlightvision Manufacturer’ caters to lighting businesses around the world. Contact us to know if we can fulfill orders in your country.

  • How do you deliver the goods at Carlightvision Factory?

    We can deliver bulk cargo, such as DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc. by air, sea or express.
    The exact shipping method may vary depending on the number of products you purchase.
    It is highly recommended to discuss shipping details with our team for a more accurate estimate.

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